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Drama continues in New Bern, N.C following police officer’s death

Drama continues in New Bern, N.C following police officer’s death
Drama continues in New Bern, N.C following police officer’s death
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There was more than a little tension in the air Tuesday night April 8, at New Bern’s first alderman’s meeting since the shooting death of Officer Alexander Thalmann.

Citizens of New Bern turned out for an explanation of why Mayor Dana Outlaw attended the funeral services of convicted felon and cop killer, Bryan Stallings.

The local and national outcry online has been so fierce that Mayor Outlaw deactivated all three of his Facebook pages claiming cyber bullying.

Supporters on both sides of the issue were represented at the meeting, including New Bern’s Chief of Police who sat with Officer Thalmann supporters; there were no family members present at this meeting.

Things became contentious when a member of the Stallings family arrived late and became argumentative with a private citizen who spoke out against the mayor’s actions.

One eyewitness who wishes to remain anonymous states:

….The same private citizen and his girlfriend then attempted to move to the other side of the room. There was no seating, so they exited the chambers. The Stallings family member followed them out. Three uniformed police officers had to go out to the lobby where the private citizen and Stallings family member were still arguing.

Local attorney Steven Long stepped forward to call for Mayor Outlaw’s resignation.

Officer Alexander Edward Thalmann, 22, was killed in a shootout March 28, with career criminal, Bryan Stallings. Thalmann’s fellow officer, Justin Wester, 23, was wounded in the firefight.

Thalmann was also a Lance Corporal in the Marine Reserves with a Combat Logistic Battalion in Raleigh, N.C. He has had two overseas deployments to Afghanistan.

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