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Drake writes old-style westerns that modern-day readers love

Three Jerry Drake westerns.
Three Jerry Drake westerns.

Local Denver author, Jerry Drake, slaps from his holster westerns that pit a brave gunslinger, Tom Patterson, against the evil-doers riding the open range. The saga begins with The Gunfighter's Apprentice, published by Avalon, where a reclusive gunfighter is hired to teach his young apprentice the ways of the west. The story follows the style of a classic pulp western and leads the reader towards the inevitable final showdown, but Drake adds enough modern panache to rate five-stars on every Amazon review.

Drake said, “I've been writing, directing and editing film/video programs for my entire career - I lost count after 1,500 or 1,600 of them. As far as fiction writing, I've been working at it for a considerable time, but have worked harder during my retirement years.”

Drake’s hard work produced a sequel, Sierra Skullduggery. This story also features his gunslinging protagonist, Tom Patterson.

Drake’s recent stand-alone novel, Aftermath, has been entered for the Western Writers of America Spur Awards, and Drake’s publisher feels it is a "strong contender" for the best short western novel category for the year 2009.

Drake’s fourth western novel, Breaking Trail, is being evaluated by his publisher and should be in print sometime in 2010.

When asked if he had any advice for new authors, Drake said, “Believe in yourself and your work. Be wary of critics, even those with supposedly valid credentials. My mistake has been that I've given up too easily. An agent once told me that my novel was "nothing special." Twelve years later, I sold it and it is doing well. Sure, take advice and do what you can to improve your stories, but if you like it, chances are someone else out there will like it as well.”

Drake is a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and the Western Writers of America.

All three of Drake’s current novels can be purchased here:

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