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Drake was too sick to perform so Kanye West was a healthy substitute

Kanye at Wireless
Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

It's a good thing to have friends, isn't it? Drake was feeling a bit under the weather Saturday night, lucky for him, he has a good buddy like Kanye West to fill in for him. Drake was set to play the Wireless Festival last night, but was too sick to perform. Kanye filled in for him and didn't miss a beat.

Kanye already performed his own headlining set the night before at London's Wireless Festival, so an encore performance wasn't a johnny on the spot replacement, but still, give the guy some credit.

And to show just how good a friend Kanye is to Drake, he even played not one, not two, but three of Drake's newest hits. Kanye performed a melody of "Trophies," "We Made It" and "All Me." Kanye continued the love fest with a quick shout out to his ill amigo. “My homeboy Drake can’t be here but we still gotta rep for him tonight."

Kanye taking Drake's place last night was further proof that the two have become good buddies, something that was cemented when Kanye appeared at OVO last year. Here is the link to that story...

Drake returned the love on his Instagram account by saying, "Man I appreciate Kanye playing “Trophies” at Wireless so much." He continued by saying “I want to be at all the shows more than anything in the world right now. I just keep watching the video over and over. Slow motion for me right now but I promise all the fans an incredible experience as soon as I am back. I am so sorry once again I love you all dearly. Thank you Ye for giving me that joy tonight.”

Even worldwide music superstars are allotted a sick day here and there. In Drake's case, he was lucky that he had another worldwide music superstar on speed dial, ready to step up to the plate.

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