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Drake surprises crowd during Jhene Aiko Coachella performance

Drake surprises Coachella during Jhene Aiko performance
Drake surprises Coachella during Jhene Aiko performance
Christopher Iqal

The final day of Coachella was bittersweet. After an amazing weekend filled with adventure and extraordinary musical performances, I knew that the festival must come to an end. Not before one very special and rare guest blessed the stage though.

During Los Angeles local, Jhene Aiko debut performance at Coachella, her friend and musical soulmate Aubrey 'Drake' Graham made a shocking appearance when 'From Time' was being sung. The song is featured on Drake's latest album 'Nothing Was The Same'. It was a long shot to think that the Toronto native would end up on stage with Jhene, mainly because just a few hours later he had attended the MTV Movie Awards in Hollywood.

Sure enough, the second half of the song comes and Drake enters. The crowd became in shock and I felt myself floating closer to the stage. Jhene Aiko just wrapped up a tour around the world with Drake, 'Would You Like A Tour'. I suppose this random act of kindness was to return the favor for assisting him during that time. The Drake appearance felt like a mirage. Before I knew it he vanished into the backstage and Jhene finished out her set strong.

After interviewing the flower child a couple years back, I knew then she would be a very important person in the music industry and that is exactly what she is becoming. Jhene set included songs from her debut project 'Sailing Souls' like, stranger and higher and blended with records from the most recent EP 'Sail Out', 'The Worst' and 'Stay Ready'.

During the middle of Jhene Aiko performance she switched it up by performing a cover of Erykah Badu's 'On and On'. Another cover where homage was paid, Tupac's 'Keep Ya Head Up'. Did I forget to mention Childish Gambino opened the performance assisting in Jhene lead single 'Bed Peace'? But in the end, the real special guest of the night, day, possibly weekend was Drake.