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Drake says the press is evil

Drake discusses his Rolling Stone interview
Photo by Brad Barket

It's never surprising when a celebrity is unhappy with press coverage. The widespread availability of the Internet on laptops, cell phones and various devices has only increased media coverage. Internet journalism has become a race for clicks, which forces some sites to sensationalize nearly everything.

Now it's Drake's turn to point the finger as he blatantly proclaims that, "The press is evil." He let his Twitter followers know that he has beef with Rolling Stone after his cover spot was traded for a photo of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and he was grossly misquoted. Rolling Stone has yet to comment on the matter but Drake quickly took to Twitter to discuss his frustrations.

In the Rolling Stone music article, Drake is quoted saying that one of his life goals is to own the biggest residential pool on the planet. Although it's evident that Rolling Stone was trying to create Drake Land, where all his dreams come true, their exaggeration overshadows the real gems of the interview. Drake enlightens readers about why he decided to skip the Grammys and his response is pretty fair.

Drake explains that the Grammys reached out to him, asking him to perform one of his impressive smash hits from 2013. In his mind, he was being used as a pawn to grab viewership although he was not nominated for Album or Song of The Year. In response to Macklemore’s sweep at the Grammys, he simply depicts a music industry where, ”He made a brand of music that appealed to more people than me, Hov, Kanye and Kendrick.“

Drake’s initial tweets condemned Rolling Stone for their quotes about Drake being unimpressed with Kanye’s latest album. On Twitter, Drake explains that he never commented on Yeezus during the interview. As the smoke clears, it’s evident that Drake feels slighted. No matter how he feels, it’s unfortunate that Rolling Stone missed out on an opportunity to educate readers on an impressive artist’s perspective.

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