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Drake jumps on R&B singer Tinashe's song '2 On'

Drake appears on Tinashe's song '2on'
Drake appears on Tinashe's song '2on'

Today Drake and good friend OB O'Brien hopped on up and coming R&B artist Tinashe's new song '2 On.' This collaboration is a big deal for an artist like Tinashe because this will expand her exposure exponentially. Drake has been big reasons for making artists like Migos and The Weekend famous after collaborating with them. Only time will tell what this release will mean for Tinashe.

Tinashe was born in Lexington, Kentucky but has been living in Los Angeles working as both a singer and an actress. In the summer of 2012 Tinashe signed with RCA Records. Before her big label signing, she self released three mix tapes. Tinashe's upcoming album is titled, 'Aquarius' and is expected to be one of the most anticipated R&B albums in awhile.

Drake and OB O'Brien released a version of Tinashe's song '2 On' with two separate titles, '2 On/Thotful.' On the first half, titled '2 On,' both OB and Drake spit a verse over Tinashe's beat which was produced by famous hip hop producer DJ Mustard. Drake's verse is classic Drake and will please all of his fans. Anyways, it is rare that Drake does disappoint his fans.

Around two minutes into the song the tempo changes, along with the background beat. The beat is still reminiscent of Tinashe's song but it is slowed down. Drake starts singing,

You're so thotful, you're so thotful

The song title 'thotful' is a pun on thoughtful. A 'thot' is a new slang word in hip hop that stands for 'That Hoe Over There.' It is basically a demeaning name for women who act maybe promiscuous or seductive in anyway. In the second half of the song Drake is basically calling a woman a 'thot' and saying she loves to get '2 On.' Or she likes to cheat on Drake. Drake, once again, feels betrayed by a female.

This meaning is different from what Tinashe says in the original version. In Tinashe's version she describes getting '2 On' to be drinking and smoking at the same time and having a good time. Drake's version is a smart take on the title of the song but makes it more dramatic. Classic Drake.

Also, in the original '2 On' the rap appearance role is filled by Schoolboy Q. Does Drake overshadow Schoolboy Q? Check out both versions of the song and form an opinion.

Link to Drake's version:

Tinashe's video for '2 On' featuring Schoolboy Q:

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