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Drake dissing Jay-Z ? You be the judge

Within the last two weeks Drake has delivered a couple bars that seems aimed at Jay-z. At least the media and some hard core fans seem to think so. The first shot taken was along side Lil Wayne and Rick Ross on the joint "I'm On One", produced by DJ Khaled. The line went, "Hate the rumors, hate the bull--t, hate these f--kin' allegations / I'm just feelin' like the throne is for the takin'; watch me take it." Well I dont know, that seems pretty vague if you ask me.


The one thing that makes it note worthy is the fact Jay-Z and Kanye are preparing to release an album entitled "Watch The Throne". The second line in question showed up about a week after the first on the newly leaked track "Dreams Money Can Buy." In this one Drake spits, "And I feel like lately I went from top five to remaining five / My favorite rappers either lost it or they ain't alive." Well, since Jay is still alive as far as I know of, at least he's one of Drakes favorite rappers if indeed the line was meant for him.

On May 13th RapFix asked the fans if they thought the beef was real or imagined and 53% of them felt it was not a diss, 10% could not tell and only 37% actually said yes. What ever the case may be those seem like pretty light punches. So what better way to know whats really going on than to hear it from the man himself? On Friday May 20th that is exactly what happened via twitter. Drake had this to say about the supposed Jay-Z diss, "Hov diss? Hov of all people has not lost it...that's God body flow."

Case closed. Until the album drops from both parties that is.

What do you think? Diss or media hype? voice your opinion, leave a comment below and be sure to subscribe an stay up to date.

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