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Dragsploitation camps up the City as the "S" hits the Fan

D'Arcy Drollinger vamps and camps in new drag parody
Mathu Anderson

D'Arcy Drollinger may not be a name you know. But you are familiar with his work as an actor, singer, dancer, director and drag super star.

Most of us likely have become familiar with the characters Drollinger recreates whether it be Samantha from "Sex and the City," Chrissy from "Three's Company" or the real life Lindsay Lohan.

Drollinger is excited to bring an original character to the San Francisco stage with his "Shxx & Champagne," which will play at 8pm Fridays at Saturdays at San Francisco's Rebel through Feb. 8.

"Champagne" is a send up of 70's and 80's exploitation films such as "Foxy Brown." Drollinger says, "I've been billing it as a whitesploitation comedy with dance but during an interview last week they referred to it as dragsploitation, which I love the sound of. So lets call it that."

The plot follows Champagne White, an exotic dancer who exacts revenge on the drug lords who killed her fiancé and adopted half-step-sister. There's Kung Fu, one-liners and plenty of wig and costume changes.

Drollinger is also excited to be reuniting with the incomparable Matthew Martin, whom he met a few years back when Drollinger filled in as Rose for a few performances of the popular drag version of "The Golden Girls Christmas."

"I'm in awe of his comic timing," Drollinger says, "He's such a master. Ever since 'Golden Girls,' I have being trying to get on stage with him again even though we had a few scenes together in 'Three's Company'," he adds, also pointing out that they have a dance number together in which Martin "beats the crap out of " Drollinger.

Surprisingly, Drollinger is more comfortable in dragging up an existing iconic personality or character than creating one of his own. "I'm more nervous doing an original character. In many ways it's easier to impersonate a celebrity or familiar fictional character as everyone is already familiar with them from the on-set," he says, "With someone like Champagne White, an original character in an original show, it's a bit of an upward climb, only because audiences don't know who she is yet."

Drollinger can likely put his fears to rest, though, as this show played an extended nine months in New York and it will likely receive the same reception in Drollinger's hometown San Francisco.

To get tickets and to learn more, including where the pop-up after parties are, go to

By the way, Drollinger is bold enough to use the real "s" word in her title but doesn't allow it. It's a real hit with an "s" in front of it.

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