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DragonForce 'Maximum Overload'

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DragonForce now have a history going back 15 years, and that they're about to release their sixth album.

It's called Maximum Overload, and that's precisely what you get from the 10 tracks on the main album, plus the five bonus songs for the special edition and a DVD.

There's one guest on the album. Trivium's Matt Heafy. "He does backing vocals on the songs 'The Game', 'No More' and 'Defenders'.

"We have our own style and sound," says Herman Li, who founded the band in 1999 with fellow guitarist Sam Totman. "And we didn't want to move away from that. Once you've got your trademark approach in place, that's what fans come to expect from you. But we also wanted to challenge ourselves. We didn't want to rehash what we'd done before, but take it all in a fresh direction."

The album was recorded over a period of six months in various locations. "We did a lot of the sessions at Jens' own studios (Fascination) in Orebro and Varberg, Sweden. We'd start about 8am and go all the way through to something like 6pm. We also worked at studios in the UK. And I even did some guitar solos on the yacht owned by Zoltan Bathory from Five Finger Death Punch! "Changing the environment for recording does help, because the different atmospheres can inspire you. We also took breaks at some points, which again was a great help to us. It allows you to stand back and objectively listen to what you've done so far, and you can sometimes hear the way you can improve on what's already there."

When you listen to Maximum Overload, you can hear the way DragonForce have matured, which has actually increased the intensity and power the band generate. What's gone before - from 2003's debut "Valley Of The Damned" through "Sonic Firestorm" ('04), "Inhuman Rampage" ('06), "Ultra Beatdown" ('08) and "The Power Within" (2012) – has laid impressive groundwork, but this is an album with a towering momentum.

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