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Dragon’s Maze Trailer and Prerelease Info

Magic: The Gathering’s Dragon’s Maze prerelease events will be happening on April 27-28, but players can check out the trailer and promo card now. The trailer looks at how Dragon’s Maze will feature guilds allying up with their natural color pairings and battling it out to get to the end of the maze, using brains, brawn, and beguilement.

Players attending the Dragon's Maze prerelease can obtain a promo copy of Maze's End
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The promo card is none other than Maze’s End. Not only is it a great way to thin out a deck and enhance a manabase, but it also functions as a win condition in a deck sporting a full complement of Gates.

The format of Dragon’s Maze prereleases is going to be substantially different than Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash. Players will receive a Return of Ravnica Guild Booster Pack, a Gatecrash Guild Booster pack, and four Dragon’s Maze Packs. Your guild packs could contain any guild that shares a color with your chosen guild. For example, if you choose Orzhov you could get Azorius, Rakdos, Golgari, or Selesnya as your Return to Ravnica Guild Pack.

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