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Dragon Friends; a closer look at the game & it's celebrations of friendship!

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Dragon Friends by Toast & Innospark is not only a fun and social game for players but also recognizes and commemorates countless holidays with events and incentives to keep players coming back for more. While this game may have come to the US from overseas it hesitates none whatsoever to inspire the celebratory spirit of many a holiday with it's own flavor of fun for all to enjoy. Whether Easter, Cinco De Mayo, Mother's day, or even Memorial day; the developer's seem relentless with their incentives to keep the players coming back for more.

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The game early on however leaves little time for taking part in such celebration as there are a number of developmental stages a player must advance through prior to having such offerings unlocked. These stages can rapidly be progressed by purchasing the gems utilized in speeding up timers on a number of processes that payout the experience points required to level up a player's island; but purchase is not at all necessary to advance. These same gems can be acquired through progressing the daily rewards, completing a number of 'combos' during the Melody Chacha accessible from the sky view of an island, and even awarded as thank you gifts through their mail system within the game!

Aside from breeding dragons, players can also breed the animals that they purchase or acquire through magic. As new animals and dragons are unlocked the collection book will be populated awarding players in gold coins, hearts, and gems. Each commodity provides options for a number of decorative entertainments such as painting buildings different colors, purchasing additional decorations, and of course more dragon eggs and animals as well. Additionally the Melody Chacha game accessible from the sky view of islands can be performed on the player's own island, or randomly from friends' as well. Friends definitely come in handy with this title, since they can not only speed up production for an island, they can save withered crops, issue cheers from the coliseum when performing there, and even steal fruit from the trees of visited islands.

While the game offers no real combative elements, it definitely inspires and simplifies the friend-making process and even has a ranking system of players as well. Making friends in a social game was never easier either, you can add a friend when congratulating them on new births/unlocks announced within the game or by simply clicking on their floating player image when spotted from friends' islands. There is a player chat function as well within the game for requesting actions and cheers of the friends you've made, but any assistance that may be available is visible instantly from the listing of a player's friends. Assisting friends in various tasks completes achievements which award in gems, hearts, and gold as well.

Though a number of iPhone/iPad games are similar in function, few are truly as friendly not only in name but function. If you have been looking for a cute and fun anime-style pass-time from a mobile device, Dragon Friends assures not only to entertain but also create a highly friend-filled and fun environment where players of all kinds can come together.