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Dragon Ball manga likely to be banned from Maryland elementary school library


Dragon Ball Volume 1: The Monkey King

With Banned Books Week barely over, a new controversy has appeared at a Maryland elementary school library, where Dragon Ball Volume 1: The Monkey King has been pulled off the shelf pending a permanent decision to return it or ban it from circulation.

According to Delmarva Now, the manga was brought to the attention of the school council by the mother of a 9-year-old boy who checked it out from the school library.

Photocopies of the book were passed around a council meeting for review by the members. Councilman Joe Holloway described the scenes from the "rated teen" manga during the meeting, saying, "In cartoon format, it depicts nudity, sexual contact between children and sexual innuendo among adults and children."

Holloway went on to call the illustrations and story "disgusting."

Dragon Ball and other graphic novels were made part of the library in an attempt to entice children otherwise uninterested in reading.