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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ writer discusses Cassandra and Varric

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David Gaider, who is currently working on “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” has provided some comments in regards to two returning characters, Cassandra and Varric. According to a report from Dual Shockers on Feb. 20, the lead writer seems more impressed with the looks of the female character when compared to the male dwarf.

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David Gaider stated that he is quite pleased with how the in-game character model of Cassandra ended up in “Dragon Age: Inquisition.” You can find his comment below:

I really like where this ended up, to be perfectly honest.

On the other hand, the lead writer did not appear to be as excited for the design of Varric. The male dwarf had blonde hair in “Dragon Age 2.” For “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” however, he now sports red hair. You can find the new looks for both returning characters, along with several screens from “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” in the slideshow located to the left side of this article and his comments about Varric below:

I am totally side-eyeing that hair color, though. We shall see if it remains.

Cassandra and Varric both debuted in the series with the release of the aforesaid “Dragon Age 2.” Bioware confirmed that the two characters will be coming back for the third main installment in the first trailer for the software product that was shown at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

More new and old characters should be announced in the coming months for “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” which should be launching later this year in North America.