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‘Dragon Age Inquisition’ story and gender preferences hinted by Bioware

‘Dragon Age Inquisition’ box art
‘Dragon Age Inquisition’ box art
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Bioware has officially revealed the box art for the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Dragon Age Inquisition.” According to a report from GameSpot on April 21, the image shows a character standing on the edge of a cliff shooting up a green-colored energy against silhouettes of invading creatures. In addition to the game’s title, the logos for Bioware and Electronic Arts can also be seen.

The development team also left a message that accompanied the box art, hinting that only the Inquisitor can stop whatever is plaguing the land. Players will be able to build the main character of the story in “Dragon Age Inquisition,” who is responsible for investigating a big breach connecting the Fade to Thedas. At the same time, the Inquisitor would get caught up in a war between the Mages and Templars.

The main character can be built using several options in “Dragon Age Inquisition.” Players have the choice of playing as a Dwarf, Elf, Human or Quanari. The action role-playing game also offers a gender option. In fact, Mike Laidlaw revealed that the character in the cover was designed in a way that the gender can be interpreted in both ways. You can find the box art, which was posted by the official “Dragon Age” Twitter page, with the photo attached to the top of this article.

The cover design may have been in response to the situation that arose from “Mass Effect 3.” The male version of Commander Shepard was featured in the two previous games in the series. For the third and final title of the series, however, Bioware decided to create an alternate box art featuring the female version of the main character in order to appease the fan base.

Mike Laidlaw and the rest of his team are preparing to release “Dragon Age Inquisition” later this autumn for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Bioware is also planning a new game for the “Mass Effect” franchise that will be coming at a later time. Both upcoming products will be published by Electronic Arts.