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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’s’ remaining companion characters to be revealed at E3

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Photo courtesy of Bioware, used with permission

Gamers aren’t expected to fight through the Dragon Age series on their own as the games have always allowed fans to travel with multiple non-player characters in order to create a full adventuring party. While that won’t change in the series next installment, there are still several possible companion characters from Dragon Age: Inquisition that Bioware has yet to reveal to fans of the fantasy franchise. Fortunately, that is about to change as the developer announced on Thursday that they will be unveiling the full cast of party member during their E3 stage show next week.

Bioware teased players that they will be revealing the complete list of heroes in Dragon Age: Inquisition at this year’s E3 by showing an artwork that sows off the full roster of both party members and Inquisition commanders. Present in the image are several previously confirmed companion characters such as Cassandra, Varric, Vivienne, and Solas. Also present in the scene Is Cullen from the first two Dragon Age titles, but he has yet to be confirmed as a possible companion.

Like all of the developer’s current franchises, players can build their own part in Dragon Age: Inquisition from the ranks of predefined companions. Each character has its own personality, back story, and fighting style. Like many Bioware titles, players will also be able to romance some of these part members. For example, it has already been confirmed that Cassandra will be one such romance option.

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on Oct 7 and will be available on both the new generation of consoles as well as last-gen platforms and PC. Players will take on the role of the Inquisitor in the game who is the only person known to be able to close the rifts into the Fade that are allowing demons from the dream realm to enter the physical world. Fans can build the main character however they want as the game will give them their choice of what race, class, and gender to make the protagonist.