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‘Dragon Age Inquisition’ romance options and more discussed

Cassandra Pentaghast in ‘Dragon Age Inquisition’
Cassandra Pentaghast in ‘Dragon Age Inquisition’
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Additional romance details regarding “Dragon Age Inquisition” have been revealed. According to a report from Gameranx on April 13, Bioware talked about the love element for the action role-playing game at PAX East. Along with potential partners, the development team also discussed the different types of relationships from the series.

Bioware first confirmed that Cassandra Pentaghast and Cullen are potential partners for the main character in “Dragon Age Inquisition.” The former, who appeared in “Dragon Age 2,” was shown off during the debut trailer of the sequel at E3 2013 and will be a part of the party. Cullen was featured in “Dragon Age Origins” as well as the second game. However, he wasn’t a romance option or a companion in both cases.

According to Lady Insanity, the studio also talked about players having different types of encounters with the potential romance partners in the previous installments of the “Dragon Age” series. Along with the regular romance, the relationships could also evolved into a comedic affair or forbidden love in past titles. Furthermore, the player may choose to ignore the love elements in “Dragon Age Inquisition” from the story altogether.

Bioware is best known for including a deep and branching story in their action role-playing games. One of the elements that were made famous by the company is romance, which often ends up leading to sexual encounters. These scenes often result to some controversy with the mainstream media, however, due to the general perception of video games catering to children.

The next big reveal for “Dragon Age Inquisition” should occur during E3 2014, which takes place in June. Bioware could use the opportunity to announce more details on the romance features, including potential new partners. The video game is targeting an autumn release date window for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You can find an image of Cassandra Pentaghast from the official “Dragon Age” Twitter account on top of this article.