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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ racial bonuses revealed

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When Dragon Age: Inquisition releases later this fall, fans of the popular series will once again be able to play as a varied of different fantasy races. Along with the different appearance and customization options that will come with each race, gamers can also expect to receive different in-game benefits depending on what race they choose to play. Providing fans with their first look at the different racial bonuses of Dragon Age: Inquisition, lead writer David Gaider revealed from his personal blog on Aug. 20 that the title’s official website has been updated with new details on each race.

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The statistical benefit of each playable race is designed to show off strengths of the various races of Dragon Age lore. The bonuses aren’t overly strong and will only provide a minor difference. The intention is to simply make each race feel more unique rather than encourage gamers to play a specific race just to receive its inherent bonus.

Much like the real world, humans of Thedas show a strong affinity to be able to become proficient in a wide area of skills. To mimic the versatility of humans, those who decide to play one will gain one additional bonus point at the start of the game.

Dwarves, who have a natural immunity to magic in the Dragon Age franchise, will enjoy a 25 percent resistance to all magic. This same inability to be affected by magical forces is also the reason that those who choose to play as a dwarf will be unable to become a mage. This is the only known racial restriction on class choice.

While dwarves can shrug off magical attacks due to an innate resistance, elves use their enhanced ability to help avoid any form of ranged damage. Their nimbleness helps them reduce the damage of any ranged attack by 25 percent. Dragon Age creative director clarified that this reduction applies to all ranged damage, including both physical and magical attacks.

Available as a playable race for the first time, the qunari benefit from their towering size and durability. Those who play as the hardened race will receive 50 additional health points at the start of the game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches Nov. 18. Bioware originally intended the game to feature only humans as a playable race but the title was delayed from releasing in 2013 in order to add the additional races.