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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ main character voice inquiry responded by director

‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’
‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’
Electronic Arts

In “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” players will be able to create a main character based on different genders and races. In a conversation from Twitter on Feb. 12, a fan wanted to know if different actors will be voicing the Inquisitor based on the aforementioned selections.

Mike Laidlaw replied by saying that his studio has not yet discussed the voice acting in the latest “Dragon Age” video game. However, the company should be providing some details before the launch of the software product. You can find some screens of the customizable main character, along with other shots from “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” in the slideshow to the left of this article and the response from the game director below:

We haven't discussed that yet, but will sometime before launch.

Players can pick between more races to play as in “Dragon Age: Inquisition” when compared against the previous installments. The Inquisitor can be a Dwarf, Elf, Human and Qunari. With the ability to choose between the male and female genders, up to eight potential voice actors could theoretically be used just for the main character.

The launch for “Dragon Age: Inquisition” is being planned by Electronic Arts for later this autumn season in North America. The voice acting announcements should be coming before then. The video game, which is being developed at Bioware, will be released for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms.