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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Elf and Qunari playable races explained

‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Elf and Qunari playable races explained
‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Elf and Qunari playable races explained
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An explanation has been provided as to why the Elf and Qunari races have been made playable in the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Dragon Age: Inquisition.” According to a report from Softpedia on Jan. 4, Cameron Lee hinted that there will be a “valid reason” in both cases.

The producer teased that there is a certain group of the population that understands the “religious beliefs” of the Qunari. He also noted that the reaction of having an Elf run the inquisition in a human nation should be interesting, adding that David Gaider and the rest of the writing team are working on trying to fit those elements into the overarching plot for the sequel. You can find a selection of screens from “Dragon Age: Inquisition” in the slideshow located to the left of this article and his comments below (courtesy of Softpedia and The Official Xbox Magazine):

There’ll be people out there who understand the Qunari and their religious beliefs and how all that works. There is a valid reason why Qunari are sitting on the throne of the Inquisition, as there is for an elf. Elves have been persecuted in this world, so how would a human nation feel about having an Elven inquisitor come up to them and talk to them? So there are ways that all this fits together.

In addition to the Elf and Qunari, players will also be able to choose the Dwarf and Human races in the third main “Dragon Age” video game. The main plot in previous games differs significantly based on the selection of the main character’s race.

“Dragon Age: Inquisition” is coming out later this year on the computer platform, current-generation consoles and next-generation systems. Bioware is the studio that is currently developing the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One software product.