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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ director on making a trailer for the female Inquisitor

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Like all recent Bioware titles, fans will be able to select the gender of the main character of Dragon Age: Inquisition when the game releases this fall. One problem that comes from having a customizable protagonist is it becomes hard to market the product in a way that promotes all of the possible choices, such as Mass Effect’s lack of having a female Shepard represented until the third game in the franchise. However, Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw announced on May 15 that they are working now working on a trailer featuring a female Inquisitor for the game.

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Starting from the beginning will help Dragon Age: Inquisition not play favorites to certain combinations. Bioware also purposely designed the title’s box art be ambiguous so that it’s not innately clear what the gender of the armored character actually is. This could help the developer to avoid issues that they previously ran into with Mass Effect where, even though the game allowed fans to customize their characters, all marketing for the game prominently focused on a default design of male Shepard.

Knowing that Bioware hopes to give equal importance to both genders for the Inquisitor of the next entry of the popular fantasy series is good, but Dragon Age: Inquisition holds more customization options than what sex to make the main character. Players will be able to choose between an assortment of fantasy races which presents an all new problem when it comes to creating promotional material for the game. An image of a character in the distance may be disguised so that its gender is obscured, but it is still obvious that a human-sized figured isn’t a dwarf.

In addition to race and gender, gamers will also be able to select between three classes when Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on Oct 7 for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Each class is further broken down into different specializations that offer even more ways for players to create their character how they see fit.