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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ director further discusses the co-op multiplayer

After Bioware announced on Tuesday that Dragon Age: Inquisition will introduce the franchise’s first taste of multiplayer gameplay, fans had many questions about the series’ new co-op mode. Hoping to offer some clarity on the new feature, Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw has been answering fan questions while revealing more details about the game’s multiplayer segments ever since he first confirmed on Aug. 26 that it would exist in Inquisition.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

One commonly asked question is whether the multiplayer mode of Dragon Age: Inquisition will have kind of local co-op support. The answer, as confirmed by Laidlaw, is that the multiplayer features of the game will require an internet connection. Players will only be able to group up through an online connection. Laidlaw specifically noted that his means hat he game will not offer a “couch co-op” experience.

The title’s creative director also presented players with a few more details on the playable characters of the game’s co-op mode. Rather than play online as the single-player protagonist, gamers will take control of specific operatives of the Inquisition.

At launch, 12 different characters will be available. Each one represents a different specialization of the game’s three classes; warrior, rogue, and mage. While the co-op mode puts players in the role of specific gender-locked classes, Laidlaw announced that fans will be able to unlock new skins and other ways to customize the characters.

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer mode will give players the opportunity to try out the new four-player co-op missions. However, it was confirmed that gamers can play as a party of fewer than four members if they’re comfortable with taking on a greater challenge.

Finally, Laidlaw stressed that both the single player and the multiplayer modes of Dragon Age: Inquisition are completely separate from one another. There will be no content or item transfers so players won’t have a watered down single player experience if they choose to not partake of the optional co-op mode. Furthermore, multiplayer segments will have no bearing on the story or ending of Dragon Age: Inquisition. This issue was a concern of those who played Mass Effect 3 since participation of that multiplayer mode helped single player gamers receive a better ending.

Gamers will get to try out the new co-op mode of Dragon Age: Inquisition when it launches on Nov. 18. Similar to the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, fans will be able to unlock new equipment for their co-op characters by either spending in-game currency or real world money to open up caches that contain random gear, potions, and characters.

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