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'Dragon Age Inquisition' difficulty and 'Dragon Age 2' comparison discussed

'Dragon Age Inquisition'
'Dragon Age Inquisition'
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Mike Laidlaw has commented on the difficulty setting of the upcoming multiplatform video game, "Dragon Age Inquisition." According to a conversation from Twitter on June 27, a fan asked the creative director if the sequel is going to include the "Hard" and "Nightmare" difficulty modes. Mike Laidlaw responded by implying that both setting should be brought back.

He went on to state that the "Normal" difficulty in "Dragon Age Inquisition" is going to provide more challenge to the player when compared to the previous installment, "Dragon Age 2." The second game was been heavily criticized by the community in the past as it made several unwelcomed changes to the combat system. For the next game, Bioware decided to addressed some of the issues by combining the strategic elements of "Dragon Age Origins" with the real-time battles of the second game. The original game of the series is somewhat difficult, even in the easiest setting.

Furthermore, the creative director also confirmed that there will be more set piece battles in the sequel when compared to "Dragon Age 2." There should be less scenarios in which the player simply fight waves upon waves of enemies as a result. Finally, Mike Laidlaw confirmed that players are going to be able to change the difficulty using an in-game menu. Therefore, the game do not have to be restarted from the beginning if the user decided that to change the settings. The feature should save hours of progress.

The development for "Dragon Age Inquisition" is taking longer than expected as it was originally set to come out last year. Bioware decided to add more time in production in order to expand on the project, making it the most ambitious one ever created by the studio. The PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One game is now slated to come out later this year on Oct. 7. A screen from the action role-playing game can be found from the official "Dragon Age" Facebook site with the photo near the top of this article.