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'Dragon Age Inquisition' cut content, development status and more discussed

'Dragon Age Inquisition' image
'Dragon Age Inquisition' image
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

David Gaider has posted an update in regards to the development of "Dragon Age Inquisition" for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. According to a report from Gameranx on April 30, the lead writer revealed that Bioware is preparing to enter the alpha phase of production for the action role-playing game. As a result, most of the contents should be completed.

However, the development team will still be adding more elements to "Dragon Age Inquisition." The development team is just shifting the main focus to getting everything that has already been added to work together. During the same period in the production cycle, some of the contents may also end up being removed. For example, David Gaider revealed that the writing may be changed in order to improve the flow of the story. He went on to disclose that only the most troublesome elements ended up being left off of the final product. You can find his comments below:

So there’s still new content being created, but at this point it’s more about dealing with the content we have and getting it all to work. This is also the stage where most of the big cuts happen, since we can still create new content to deal with those cuts (as in “change the writing to accommodate a change in the story flow”). Once we hit Alpha, cuts are generally things that are simply excised in their entirety, without any ability to really work around them for the sake of logic or flow.

One of the contents that Bioware decided not to include early on is the potential return of romance partners. The studio explained that they don't want characters with extra baggage from previous games in the series to negatively affected the player in "Dragon Age Inquisition." As a result, players can only form a romantic relationships with new partners such as Cassandra Pentaghast and Cullen.

David Gaider's update suggested that the video game is on schedule for a launch later this autumn season on Oct. 7. To build "Dragon Age Inquisition," the development decided to use the updated Frostbite 3 graphics engine. They were able to build larger environments with destructible features as well as weather effects. The same set of tools is also being used for the tentatively-titled "Mass Effect 4," which is currently in development at Bioware. A screen showcasing the latest "Dragon Age" installment from the official Twitter page can be viewed with the photo near the top of the article. The RPG can be reserved from Amazon in the next link: "Dragon Age Inquisition."