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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ could feature romances that are restricted by race

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Fans will once again be able to play as a variety of different fantasy races within Dragon Age: Inquisition after the option was removed from the second installment of the franchise. Furthermore, what race a player chooses to play could actually have an impact on the game. Like all modern Bioware titles, the next entry of the Dragon Age series will include in-game romances with different characters. However, lead writer David Gaider confirmed on June 12 that all romance options might not be available to every playable race.

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Rather than making each character’s personality a blank slate that is written by the player, every NPC in the game has their own handcrafted background that the Dragon Age: Inquisition writers have come up with. Strong characterizations will lead to more memorable cast members rather than if each character had a hollow personality that was dictated entirely by the player. As such, all of the game’s romance options will have their own likes and dislikes.

As Gaider points out, the idea of restricting romances by race is similar to certain gender restrictions that will be applied. After all, each of the character has their own sexual preferences. For example, the newly announced elf companion name Sera has been confirmed to only be interested in beginning a relationship with another woman so only female Inquisitors can romance her. The character is written a specific way and no amount of persuasion can change her disposition. This is likely how romances restricted by race will also play out.

Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on Oct 7 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Not only will fans be able to select their characters in-game race and gender, but they will also have their choice of three playable classes. Each class also has several advanced specializations to further customize each character.