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'Dragon Age Inquisition' and 'FIFA 15' publisher reveals more EA Access details

'Dragon Age Inquisition'
'Dragon Age Inquisition'
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

More details have been announced in regards to EA Access. According to a report from Kotaku on Aug. 12, Electronic Arts revealed that the service in now available on the Xbox One. In North America, customers can elect to pay $4.99 a month on a monthly plan or $29.99 for an entire year.

EA Access is somewhat similar to the Playstation Plus service as it contains free games, trials and exclusive discounts. Members are going to have full access to "Battlefield 4," "FIFA 14," "Madden NFL 25" and "Peggle 2." More video games are also being added in the future although Electronic Arts did not mention any specific title.

What makes EA Access unique is trial versions. Players with EA Access will get to play upcoming games at no additional costs five days before release. These trial versions are essentially playable demos as the titles will have some sort of content or time limitations attached. However, players have the ability to save their progress and carry the file over to the full game. The software products confirmed so far to be using this feature are "Dragon Age Inquisition," "FIFA 15," "Madden NFL 15" and "NHL 15."

If they decided to keep playing, players can purchase the full game at a 10 percent discount. Electronic Arts will also slash the prices by the same amount on all digital products, including DLC. EA Access is currently exclusive to the Xbox One as Sony Computer Entertainment was apparently not interested when approached by Electronic Arts.

Customers do not have to wait long to try out the trial versions. "Madden NFL 25" is coming out on Aug. 26 while "NHL 15" being released several weeks later on Sept. 9. "FIFA 15" will then launch on Sept. 23 while "Dragon Age Inquisition" is set for a release on Nov. 18. You can take a look at a screenshot of the dark fantasy role-playing game near the top of this article (courtesy of the official Facebook website for the "Dragon Age" franchise.