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'Dragon Age: Inquisition' alpha and beta builds compared by Bioware

Morrigan in 'Dragon Age Inquisition'
Morrigan in 'Dragon Age Inquisition'
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Another update on the development of "Dragon Age: Inquisition" has been provided. According to a message from his Twitter page on May 25, Mike Laidlaw confirmed that the production recently reached the alpha stage of the production cycle. A fan asked if the project is now feature complete. The creative director responded by saying that this is not the case.

He went on to clarify what the two different points of the production cycles mean. The alpha stage is when all contents of the project has been completed. The beta phase occurs when the experience should represent the final version with the exception of glitches. The development team still has several months to go before shipping the software product.

Furthermore, David Gaider previously disclosed on his personal Tumblr blog that Bioware typically makes some changes to the contents during the alpha stage. For example, the writing team could modify the script for any given situation. In fact, some of the more troublesome elements may end up being removed from "Dragon Age: Inquisition."

The studio previously admitted that the sequel is the most ambitious project for the company to date. A new graphics engine, the Frostbite 3, was used in order to create bigger environments to encourage more exploration. It is also the company's first time working with the two next-generation systems, the PS4 and Xbox One. Due to these factors, the video game did not come out in late 2013 as originally plan.

Instead, "Dragon Age: Inquisition" was recently confirmed to launch on Oct. 7 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as the two aforesaid new consoles. Although players can import some of the data from previous installments, they have to do so using the "Dragon Age Keep" application. However, Bioware is looking for alternative methods as well. A screen showing one of the characters in the story from the official "Dragon Age" Facebook page can be viewed near the top of this article.