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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ agent and soldier armor customization discussed

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Mark Darrah has commented on the customization options in the upcoming “Dragon Age: Inquisition” on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. According to a conversation from Twitter on Jan. 11, the executive producer of the “Dragon Age” franchise was asked if the armors from the agents and soldiers could be customized.

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Mark Darrah stated that the feature is current being discussed by the development team, adding that it may take up a lot of art resources to implement. You can check out some “Dragon Age: Inquisition” screenshots in the slideshow on the left side of this article and his response below:

It is a feature in discussion. It will take a lot of extra art to do.

In the action role-playing game, players will be leading an “inquisition.” Part of his or her responsibilities is being able to send agents on certain missions. The main character in “Dragon Age: Inquisition” have multiple customization options including the ability to play as four races (Dwarf, Elf, Human and Qunari) along with different genders and classes.

Mark Darrah and the rest of his development team from Bioware is expected to complete the development of “Dragon Age: Inquisition” by the fall season of this year. The video game is being built on the Frostbite 3, the same graphics engine that was used for the recently-released “Battlefield 4” as well as other titles being published by Electronic Arts.