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Drag City reissues The Endtables punk rock EP

Chicago's estimable Drag City has a fine slab of vintage punk rock wax coming at you: Louisville, Kentucky's The Endtables, a fab four piece that's limited output has hitherto been available only to people able to pay eBay-level prices for an original copy.

The Endtables 12"EP
Drag City

The band's 1979 EP, a song of which -- the brain-bending "Circumcision," which is about exactly what it says it is -- was booted on Bloodstains Across the Midwest years ago, is included along with a couple of other songs that were posthumously released in the '90s. Six sloppy, high-speed, iconoclastic tracks in all, playing at crisp and clear 45 RPMs. Best of all, Drag City's hawking it for a pittance: $8. Bummer is they're currently sold out, which leaves only CD, MP3 or a FLAC download, whatever the hell that is. Take my advice and seek out the record -- there must be a couple distros out there with copies.

Read a fascinating interview with band members Alex and Albert Durig HERE. Then watch this video of The Endtables performing "Break The Bank, Break The Figurine" live at Louisville School of Art, Oct. 20 1979.


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