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Draft Ted Cruz for president super PAC formed

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Another sign that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas is mulling a run for the presidency in 2016 was reported in a March 21, 2014 story in the Washington Post. A super PAC called “Draft Ted Cruz for President” has been formed and an online petition called RunTedRun has been started with the goal of getting 1 million signatures urging the Texas senator to run for president. The operation is being run by Raz Shafer, who was until very recently a Cruz staffer.

The stratagem of a petition to urge a candidate to run for an office which he likely desires to fill anyway swerves a number of purposes. First, the petition has a fund raising component that involves the compiling of a donor’s list. People who sign the petition are asked what they would be willing to do to make Cruz president, including walking precincts, displaying yard signs and bumper stickers, and engaging on social media.

Should Cruz actually get a million people willing to put their name on a petition urging him to run, he has the perfect intro to his announcement speech, which would no doubt take place sometime after the 2014 midterms. He has heard the voice of the people and what else can he do but to comply? He should have a ready-made army of supporters who can be called upon to work for his election in key primary and caucus states.