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'Draft Day' and 'Moms' Night Out' DVDs hit the shelves

By now, most people know that new DVDs and Blu-rays are released on Tuesdays. Before spending hard earned cash, research and make sure the film is worth a purchase or if it should be rented. And remember, a talented actor does not always equal a brilliant film. Sadly, this is something I still have trouble grasping from time to time as well, but try not to be a repeat offender like myself and fall into that trap.

Like most weeks, there are is at least what most consumers consider one big name release. This week there are two releases. Both “Draft Day” and “Moms’ Night Out” seemed interesting enough for an initial viewing, but neither were ones that made me venture to theaters. However, they are both what I consider perfect rental films. With that said, I will provide a brief synopsis of each film and a few snippets from reviews to help make your shopping experience a good one.

"Draft Day"

While “Draft Day” might not be the initial pick for some people, something tells me there is enough depth to the film that at least one viewing is garnered. The film stars the iconic Kevin Costner and centers around the infamous NFL draft day. Sonny Weaver (Costner) is determined to finally have the team what he wants so that Cleveland Browns can move into the future and actually create memories for football fans that they will be passing down their children. For once, Sonny picks and decisions are made in order keep everyone on the edge of their seats until he accomplishes creating the perfect team.

Critics speak far more highly of this feature than the other big release this week. In fact, Christy Lemire reveals that "‘Draft Day’ isn't even really about football. It's about coming into your own and finding clarity at a personal and professional crossroads. It's about doing your job. It's a day in the life." I honestly wish there were more films with this sort of message out there these days. There are too little films that maintain that sometimes in life we have to go with our gut and that's okay regardless of what the outcome might be.

However, with that in mind, David Denby writes, "Ivan Reitman's dull-witted movie about the flurries of player trading on N.F.L. draft day might be a commercial for professional football." The majority of the reviews speak highly of the film, which has a run time of one hour and forty-nine minutes. Keep this warning in mind though when it comes to making the decision of purchasing first instead of purchasing later.

"Moms' Night Out"

"Moms' Night Out" is the film I remember seeing the most previews for both in theaters and at home. This was not a popular choice for movie goers among critics, but seems to be a favorite among attendances. In a lot of ways, I feel this is because the premise is something that most mothers can relate to. After all, Alyson (Sarah Drew) yearns for a girl’s night out. All she needs from her husband is to watch the kids for three hours. This is a simple task right? As most movie goers know, nothing is ever simple when it comes to watching children. And generally the baby-sitter, or the parent for that matter, always tends to get in over their head somehow by taking the kids out.

Regardless of the night going smoothly or not, "Moms' Night Out" seems like a film one has to come to their own conclusion by taking a chance and watching it. A rental never hurt anyone right? Well, I suppose that most people would argue that opinion with the cost of rentals these days, but in my mind a rental never hurts anyone.

Besides, the fun part of these movies is that they take our worse fears and multiple them by a thousand, which is something echoed by Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times. He writes "Some of these plot twists require more than the normal suspension of logic that often happens in similar comedies. Yet the characters are all appealing." This is no surprise me when one takes a look at various members of the cast, which includes Sean Astin and Patricia Heaton.

However, Christy Lemire's review for states "Basically, the moral of the story is: Don't go out. Because if you do, all hell will break loose - or rather, all heck," and feel it might be a bit harsh. With that being said, sometimes it is hard with even the funniest of films to look past sexist attitudes no matter how much we want to find a film humorous and that might be a problem within this feature. All films are subjective to the audience and hopefully this will be one that ends making one laugh instead of offending the viewer.

Regardless of what critics might think, something tells me while "Moms' Night Out" might not be the most realistic film out there, but there are laughs to be had if one is willing to suspend their beliefs for the hour and thirty-eight minutes it takes to view the feature. After all, we do so every time we see a superhero film, why not a comedy?

Finally, other movies out on shelves this week include Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, Citizen Koch, For No Good Reason, From The Rough, Night Moves, and They Came Together.

Please keep in mind, if you are interested in renting any of these films, make sure to check out this title through Videodrome, Netflix, Redbox, or on demand channels provided by your cable or satellite provider.

To purchase any Blu-rays or DVDs mentioned in this article please check out your local Austell Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or Kmart.

Enjoy your rentals and purchases this week fellow movie lovers!

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