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'Dracula Untold' trailer: New movie of Dracula's true story, Luke Evans vampire

The official “Dracula Untold” trailer has finally arrived, and the new movie will apparently feature Luke Evans as Dracula as it tells the true story of this iconic vampire. In many ways being likened to “Batman Begins,” the action flick is apparently going to show fans a new twist on Dracula’s origins, and yes — there are going to be lots of bats. Cinema Blend reveals the details regarding this trending film trailer this Friday, June 27, 2014.

Dracula Untold Trailer: New movie will tell history of Dracula
Twitter Photo File, NonModern Blog

“Dracula Untold” has been in the works for months, but only this week can moviegoers finally catch their first vampiric glimpse of Luke Evans as the titular Dracula. The epic new trailer is being directed by Gary Shore, and the flick certainly looks to have the potential to be a major box office success.

Evans has recently been seen on the big screen playing Bard the Bowman in “The Hobbit,” but the talented actor is leaving Middle-Earth behind to try out 15th Century Romania on for size. In this version of the classic vampire tale, the not-yet Dracula begins as a family man and military aspirant who is being pushed to become a member of the undead in order to protect his lands. The origin flick in the trailer seems to portray an enticing blend of horror, violence, and CGI antics. One of the most iconic lines in the trailer can be the newly created Dracula lashing out at the townspeople, who don’t show the appreciation for all he has sacrificed for them.

"You're alive because of what I did to save you!”

Fashion Style adds today that “Dracula Untold” will ultimately bring together local legends with historical myths to create the “origins” of this first vampire. To become strong enough to overcome his people’s enemies, Vlad Tepes comes to Charles Dance (of “Game of Thrones” fame) in the trailer, requesting that he be given whatever is needed to achieve superhuman powers in order to win the ongoing war.

"Drink, Dracula," says the old man in the cave, handing Vlad Tepes a dark cup of his blood.

Soon, Luke Evans’ leading Vlad starts to change. The transformation from man to vampire looks to be phenomenally done, at least from the flashes we viewers can see in the clip. The apparent weaknesses to sunlight and a newfound pale demeanor are immediately apparent, not to mention the appearance of Dracula’s sharp fangs. Oh yes, and he can now alter his form into a horde of fierce bats.

The “Untold Dracula” trailer itself can be found in the attached video towards the onset of the article. Please feel welcome to check out the clip of the movie above. What do you think of this latest spin on the telling of the true story of Dracula and Luke Evans starring as the original vampire? The trailer certainly looks promising, so hopefully this flick will be a flying — pun intended — hit come October 17, 2014, its intended release date.

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