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Dracula Never Drinks Wine

Dracula Heading Out for a Drink--Other than Wine
Dracula Heading Out for a Drink--Other than Wine
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This wine pairing is not about food, but about film. On a blustery full-moon Friday night, with Halloween not far off, I decided to spend the evening watching old black-and-white scary movies. And so it was that TCM was showing the original “Dracula,” made in 1931 featuring Bela Lugosi in his most famous role. Bela was born in Hungary in an area that is Romania today and inspired the Transylvania that served as setting for Bram Stoker's tale. So the role, shall we say, was in Bela's blood.

The night also offered a perfect opportunity to try “Dracula” the wine which could be found at Binny’s. Made in Paso Robles, California (admittedly a long way from Transylvania but sharing similar terroir of hot days and cool nights suited to wine making), the Dracula wine line includes a Pinot Noir, Syrah, and a most zesty Zinfandel (all reds, of course) sourced from the Vampire Vineyards estate. (Vampire Vineyards also makes a line of Vampire, Trueblood, and Chateau du Dracula, and Wicked branded wines.) Any of these Dracula reds would sure make great matches for all the chocolate treats you'll want to sink your teeth into this Halloween—from Milk Duds to Raisinets.

What may be little known, and came as quite disappointing to me, is that the Count himself was not a wine lover, as evidenced by this exchange from the film:

Count Dracula: “This is very old wine. I hope you will like it.”

Renfield (his Dracula Castle guest): “Aren't you drinking?”

Count Dracula: “I never drink wine.”

Then again, we all know what he’d rather be drinking.

Despite the Count not being the wine lover you are, I hope you’ll indulge in the treat that Dracula wines are. Happy Halloween.


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