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Dr. Yue-Kuang Tang, professional, benevolent veterinarian


Dr. Tang provides compassionate care to animals

This is the third installation in a series on notable Los Angeles area veterinarians I’ve had experience with.

A few years ago, a friend recommended Best Care Pet Clinic when I was looking for a competent, reasonable veterinarian that was also within a short driving distance since I had eleven cats. My experience there has been thoughtful, sound treatment at a fair price.

Dr. Yue-Kang Tang’s approach is to use the simplest, least invasive and most economical way to treat the pet’s condition. He is concerned about the effects of the treatment on the well being of the animal and the expense for the client.

Dr. Tang is generous in giving free assistance and extras at no charge. For example, one hot summer day I had a wet towel in my cat carrier to keep my kitty cool. Seeing this, Dr. Tang gave me a medical cold pack wrapped in a towel to place in the carrier at no charge. Another time, he gave me bath towels to replace the towel my cat had soiled in its carrier. On another occasion, Dr. Tang had Advantage left over in the treatment room and, since my cat had fleas, gave him an application at no charge

Dr. Tang has a very supportive, pleasant staff. When I had to have an elderly, terminally ill cat humanely euthanized, Dr. Tang and his assistant were very gentle and patient, letting me take my time during last moments with my cat. There was no hurry and they did all they could to make my frail cat as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Two of the veterinary assistants are very kind, calm and friendly with the animals and clients. One of the receptionists is particularly warm, considerate and efficient. I have never had to wait when I’ve made an appointment. The waiting room is clean and quiet which helps ease frightened animals and their owners.

I recommend Dr. Tang and Best Care Pet Clinic for anyone looking for trustworthy, compassionate care of animals and their owners.

For more info: Best Care Pet Clinic, 1140 N. Pacific Ave., Glendale, CA 91202, 818/502-1134