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Dr. William Murphy Jr. talks childhood at CreativeMornings/Miami

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CreativeMornings/Miami held its 3rd monthly breakfast talk at the InterContinental Hotel in Downtown Miami on Friday, January 10th. The event drew the largest audience yet with nearly 140 individuals in attendance.

With the month's theme being Childhood, it was a fitting choice to have Dr. William Murphy Jr. as the event's speaker. Dr. Murphy's childhood curiosity in airplanes, locomotives and engines led to his first-ever invention at age 13: creating the snowblower.

This was just the beginning of a long career of innovation that ultimately placed Dr. Murphy in the National Inventors Hall of Fame. His list of inventions also include the overhead projector, the physiologic cardiac pacemaker and a series of other medical devices.

"My career began back when I had a toy train," Dr. Murphy told the crowd. It was his thirst for knowledge, regardless of the subject matter, that paved the way for such lofty career accomplishments. When faced with a problem, Dr. Murphy's immediate reaction was not to seek someone else's help. "I figured I had to build something," was his response instead.

Simply put, Dr. Murphy is more than a thinker, he is a doer. And his speech provided audience members with inspirational lessons to learn from, including:

  1. Learning as much as you can, from anyone at anytime.
  2. Being responsible for yourself before relying on others.
  3. Doing something you like, because you'll do it better than anyone else.
  4. Chasing your passions for personal growth, not just financial gain.

Despite his world-renowned achievements, Dr. Murphy maintains a humble approach to life - even thanking the crowd on multiple occasions for allowing him to speak at CreativeMornings/Miami.

Next month's CreativeMornings event will be held on February 7th. For more information, visit the organization's website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



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