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'Dr Who:' the questions that keep a certain dr who fan up no longer

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The first question: who is the "Curator?" This is something that popped in my head during the 50th anniversary special of "Dr Who". I am not saying it is law, or what really happen, or even what the writers intended. Here is why I must ask a real question from other doctor who fans. I want you to read this first. Thank you "Max Zwain" in the facebook group "For the Love of All Things Whovian!" for making me look up quotes.

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Max Zwain leader of the "Timey Wimey society" asked this question!

What's your favorite quote from the show Dr who?

looking up quotes brought this idea back into my mind on January 2, 2014. It helped me look at "The Curator", played by Tom Baker as a possible paradox waiting to happen. I am guessing, I quote (So please bear with me.) I get a little "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey." Here is the quote and why I think, fixed points can be changed.

The quote first airing in Genesis of the Daleks airing on the 8th of March - 12th of April 1975.

"Time Lord: Ah, welcome, Doctor.
The Doctor: What's going on? Don't you realize how dangerous it is to intercept a transmit beam?
Time Lord: Oh come, Doctor, not with our techniques. We Time Lords transcended such simple mechanical devices when the universe was less than half its present size.
The Doctor: Look, whatever I've done for you in the past, I've more than made up for. I will not tolerate this continual interference in my life.
Time Lord: Continual? We pride ourselves we seldom interfere in the affairs of others.
The Doctor: Except mine.
Time Lord: You, Doctor, are a special case. You enjoy the freedom we allow you. In return, occasionally, not continually, we ask you to do something for us.
The Doctor: I won't do it. Whatever it is, I refuse.
Time Lord: Daleks.
The Doctor: [interested] Daleks? Tell me more.
Time Lord: We foresee a time when they will have destroyed all other life forms and become the dominant creature in the universe.
The Doctor: That's possible. Tell on.
Time Lord: We'd like you to return to Skaro at a point in time before the Daleks evolved.
The Doctor: Do you mean avert their creation?
Time Lord: Or affect their genetic development so that they evolve into less aggressive creatures.
The Doctor: Hmmm... That's feasible."

So my question is! Could one of the future Doctors go back in time and stop and or change the daleks future? This would of course erase all doctors after Tom Baker's, Since the Daleks are such a big part of his and Time Lord history. However with the "Temporal paradox" as it understood by me today using the "Branching universe hypothesis", instead of destroying one universe and creating a new time line. This would split and form a Parallel universe which both time line loop into each creating a bridge between both at the point where they split. Because one begets the other you can travel between these universe with a door or singularity created by, I dont know "The Moment", a.k.a "Bad Wolf " to help keep both universes intact. Now I have gone all crossed eyed and must sit down. However It would explain the curator, but I am not saying it is law, or that this is the only explanation. Just one that came to me while watching the 50th. So the question has been asked. I hope who fans of Dr who will not let silences fall on this one.

On to a next question. it comes up a lot. How many Doctors there were, are and is? In my opinion I say,

"I have a single point and I will let this whole thing go. The questions is how many doctors are there. No matter how you try to change the question to suit your answers. Someones memories is all you need to be said person. Every creature with the doctors memories even as patchy as the doctors memories seem to be, is the doctor! So if said person, clone, woman or anything else hold his memories they are the Dr. How can I say that? It is easy. If I take your memories and put them in another body lets call that body "Jeff." You're not jeff you're, you period. if you merge you and Jeff and create a hybrid. You are still you and jeff combined. So I will leave my answer as such and again say there are 15 doctors who carry his memories and regeneration energy was used to create them All. No one has to follow this chain of thought but me. I say this as my thoughts on the subject and nothing else! However some fans choose this road to travel in their little box."

James Nash Who runs the "Admin at The Master" and who disagrees with me.

"This is tracking 1 character portrayed by a number of actors over 50 years. (Obviously not counting Peter Cushing or Richard E. Grant). We refer to "The 3rd Doctor" or "The 10th Doctor" as a simple means of distinguishing one from the other without having to say something like "The Doctor when he was played by Jon Pertwee" or avoiding the confusion of Colin and Tom Baker or even because we often find ourselves talking to newer or less enthusiastic fans who may not know all of their names. Others may be "A" Doctor but not *THE* Doctor."

This is how I sleep at night and let go of the questions. Feel free to rip them apart, until the shows writers answer them. however I follow the teaching of the honorable Aaron Englard. Aaron sent me on a pilgrimage to a great place called The Way Station, it is a mecca in New York for all things Whovians, Steampunk decor, great drinks and if I could, where I would spend all of my time. I met Anders A.K.A Andy Heidel writer of the Stroller Manifesto. His insight can be found "Here" in a very dark interview. If you ever get a chance to visit the place with the blue box. Check out some pictures in the slide show. and the drinks will send you to another time and place.

Aaron Englard: leader and head guru of the new "whovian church of nonsense" Preached.

"Ambiguity! The answer to every question here. I think this is Moffat's goal when putting together a show. (Except for the 50th)"

Fans seem to think the head writer is destroying the solid rules Dr.Who is based on in the new shows.

Paul Spink the owner and operator of the "I hate everything Moffat liberation army".

My perspective is that for the show to be good the past needs to be immutable. Otherwise there is NEVER any tension to the show because there are never consequences. The number of times Rory died and was brought back makes me feel like companions are never really in danger. The Doctor can always go back and fix it. Episodes like Journey to the Center of the TARDIS reinforce that concern as well. Moffat is the first writer to lift all restrictions on time travel and eliminate all the rules and consequences of time travel. He set the precedent. He isn't the originator for every bad idea in Who, but he is the boss and is responsible for the bad ideas that get on the air.

Anyway you fall on these, and so many other subjects is open to others interpretation, so please relax and dont "Blink"


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