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Dr. Who and Torchwood Poetry

I was watching an episode of the British TV series Torchwood, which spun off from Dr. Who, and I was delighted that there was an allusion to the great Robert Frost poem, “Acquainted with the Night.” A character quoted some of the lines in Season 4’s episode Dead of Night (there’s no relation to the classic 1940’s horror film.)

The poem relates to the episode because the poem is about death (‘the night’), and the episode deals with a situation that arises when people stop dying. It is suggested that the calamity might have been caused by an evil drug company that hopes to profit from the situation because since no one is dying, people stay in pain longer and the company wants to sell pain relievers (They might have even caused the event.) I have not gotten to the episode that explains how the situation started.

Speaking of Dr. Who…. I ran across a whole book of poems about our favorite time lord, and characters related to the series including his former companion , Sara Jane (The actress who played her died just a few years ago), the villainous master, as well as the robot dog, K9. More info on “The Best Dr. Who Poems in the Universe” can be found here.

There is also a humorous children’s poem about the good doctor at It asserts that both of his hearts are broken in two.

Poems have also been recited in quite a few Dr. Who episodes including Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter” (in the episode “The Rings of Akhaten,” and “The Hollow Men” by Thomas Sterns Eliot (in “The Lazarus Experiment.”

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