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Dr. Seuss' 110th birthday

Dr. Seuss books captivate adults and children alike
Dr. Seuss books captivate adults and children alike
Photo by Mike Zarrilli

It will soon be time to celebrate the birthday of one of the most renowned children’s authors; Dr. Seuss. One common denominator that parallels my childhood with the childhood of my children is reading and enjoying Dr. Seuss books. Millions of children have grown up reading Dr. Seuss books, and millions of children continue to enjoy reading and books thanks to Dr. Seuss.

Every year Dr. Seuss’ birthday is celebrated in schools and homes all over the globe. In the US the special day for celebrating is Read Across America Day in honor of Dr. Seuss. Theodor Seuss Geisel was born in 1904 on Howard Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. His parents were Theodor and Henrietta. His Mom prompted her children to sleep by reciting rhymes she remembered from her childhood. Theodor gives acknowledgment to his Mother for his desire and ability to create rhymes.

It is almost impossible to believe that Theodor’s first book, And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street was rejected 27 times!! Thankfully he was persistent in his quest to find a publisher. His books have been translated into 15 languages and there are over 200 million copies of his books have been sold.

Millions of children have been charmed by his whimsical rhymes as they learned how to read. It was a wonderful experience to share a book like The Cat in the Hat with my children as they were growing up and be able to tell them it was one of my favorite childhood books, too.

City and school libraries have an abundance of Sr. Seuss titles from which to choose. Everyone has a favorite (or several) Dr. Seuss book. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss. Thanks for all of the joy you have given to the world with your fanciful books, stirring our imaginations and making reading a pleasurable experience.