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Dr. Roger Mugford has done it again with new dog training treats

Coachies are a more sensible treat for your dog.
The Company of Animals

Dr. Roger Mugford, Pet Behaviorist, and Founder of The Company of Animals, wants to introduce the company’s latest conjoined partner, Coachies Training Treats. This latest membership into the growing family of lifestyle and training products allows the world a better selection of products for their four-legged companions.

Their new grain-free, sugar-free dog treats are bite-sized and boast only a single calorie per morsel. Coachies have been a fan favorite in the UK for the past decade. They work best when:

· Motivating distracted pups

· Teaching new tricks

· Rewarding good behavior

· Using in interactive games

· Maintaining a healthy weight

When you offer a small, tasty morsel, it can display your extra affection for your furry companion and even motivate a dog during helpful training sessions. While a whopping 98 percent of pet parents regularly reward their dog with a treat, whether the treat is simply an afternoon snack or used as positive reinforcement, many pet parents fail to seek snacks that are not loaded with empty calories or are too large, thus causing weight gain without meaning to in their beloved pets.

The Company of Animals realized that and so created Coachies™ Training Treats. These treats are finally available for pets in the US. The treats boast only one calorie per serving – a big plus for pups that need to watch their weight – the Coachies treats are 100 percent grain free and sugar free. Plus, each oven-baked morsel is made with the highest quality natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors.

“Coachies were created from scratch to be a smart, healthy solution for training and treating that’s both motivating and size appropriate,” comments Dr. Roger Mugford, Pet Psychologist and Founder of The Company of Animals (he’s even trained to the Queen’s corgis!). “Based on their incredible popularity in the United Kingdom, we’re expecting these ‘mini-motivators’ to quickly become a favorite among pets, plus their parents and trainers.”

You will want to look for them at your favorite pet establishments. They are downright good for your pets for a variety of reasons!

You may also want to seek out other acclaimed products manufactured by The Company of Animals, including the original HALTI®, Pet CorrectorTM and CLIXTM training range. The latest additions to the famed family of enrichment products are the line of GREEN Feeders for dogs and cats by NORTHMATE, the Anxiety Wrap® and the new HALTI® OPTIFIT. For more information, visit

Coachies Training Treats are available in Turkey and Lamb varieties, in both 6 oz. and 16 oz. re-sealable stand-up packs. For the full product selection by The Company of Animals, visit ||

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