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Dr. Robert Wood on 'Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 and Biowarfare'

Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 and Biowarfare

1. What was your prime motivation knowledge wise in creating your book “Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 and Biowarfare?”

I had been authenticating “leaked UFO documents” professionally since 1998, and had given several papers at my son Ryan’s conferences on UFO crash retrievals about authentication technique and reverse engineering. One of the documents alluded to the deaths of four technicians who were handling alien bodies from the Roswell crash. I thought that the possible personal threats like those of the War of the Worlds radio program in 1938 would have both a big interest and appeal to emotions. Therefore, I worked with excellent researcher Nick Redfern to dig up new information about these pathogens, and it turned out that some of them may well have been viruses. Many scientists have been concerned about whether contact with aliens might be hazardous to them or to us.

2. Could you go into your background as a doctor and your aerospace career and being a long time MUFON Director?

Attached is an extensive biography with many of my publications. What you can conclude is that I had an exciting aerospace career, starting with missiles and ending with the International Space Station. At one time my company, McDonnell Douglas, did ask me to see if we could figure out how the UFOs worked. This launched me into awareness of the UFO problem and the reality of the craft. However, it is really only since my retirement after 43 years of engineering management that I began to focus on the authentication of UFO documents. I became committed to the value of the Mutual UFO Network in 1994 upon my retirement from McDonnell Douglas, and have been on their Business Board of Directors ever since.

3. Would go you into some of your personal thoughts on alien viruses with us?

I have many opinions based on reading about the reports and research of others. Since I am not a biotech engineer or an MD, my thoughts on alien viruses are not particularly technical. My opinion is that the evidence is impressive that there have been several occasions when humans have been infected by aliens. There are three occasions where it is pretty clear the humans died as a result, but this is really a rare situation. In my opinion, we humans on earth have been visited so often by so many different civilizations that we have built up immunity to most of the pathogens over the centuries. Most aliens do not seem to require isolation from our pathogens and there are many reports of close contact with aliens that seem to not result in any infectious disease. Nevertheless, the current Government protocols of avoiding direct contact would seem to be on the safe side.

4. Can you share some information with us about the mysterious deaths of key microbiologists and virologists?

One of the facets of this research that my colleague Nick Redfern noted (nearly always from publicly available materials) was the deaths of a seemingly large number of 29 microbiologists between 2001 and 2005, many of whom were working on biological warfare for various countries. My book provides specific facts about each death as available, and encourages the reader to suspect that they could not be totally random. However, neither Nick nor I have access to any classified material that would answer the question of why were they murdered (if they were). Two obvious possibilities are to prevent them from telling others of deadly pathogens or of the cures for deadly pathogens not yet known. Mentioning such deaths suggests that those who ordered them are not to be trifled with.

5. When it comes to government secret expenditures, what can you share with us?

Personally, I can tell you that during the cold war our intelligence community was trying to learn everything they could technically about what the Soviets were doing. One of my fields was radar and I tried to help understand the Soviet ballistic missile defense radar systems. This program, was of course classified, although its existence was expected and unclassified. So, I can say with confidence that there ARE huge Government secret expenditures, in my opinion, vastly larger than most credible people are willing to speculate. Secrecy, although helpful in keeping technology from our enemies, also has the effect of permitting lack of ethics sometimes and always favors the power of those in control.

6. What is the incredible revelation regarding the autopsy of alien bodies shared by an Area 51 insider?

“Anonymous John” was interviewed by colleague Nick Redfern, and I never personally met him nor know how to contact him if he is still alive. The only information I have is that which is on the ten pages dealing with his “revelations.” Personally, I think the most interesting observation by John is the Suit Study on page 293 that alluded to the ability of the suit itself to appear to have memory and to the apparent ability of the suit to impose emotional messages relating to the inability of the immune system to respond to viruses.

7. What are some ways that an alien virus could cause a contagion on the Earth and to your knowledge has it ever happened before?

Two classic stories have answered this question. The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells, in which the invaders from Mars appear to die as a result of catching the common cold, for which they have no resistance. The other classic is The Andromeda Strain, by Michael Crichton, where a pathogen leaked from a satellite sampler causes blood to clot in an unknown way, presumably by lethal viruses. The hero works with the microbiologist in an underground laboratory to find the cure before everyone dies. One whole chapter of my book is devoted to the Andromeda Strain because shortly after the release of the movie version (1971) of the book a scientist at Fort Detrick, Maryland (a biological warfare center) wrote a “white paper” called Andromeda: Fact or Fiction? that was circulated there. Later, one of three copies that had been made came back from the CIA with red handwritten notations and a big red classification stamp reading: Majestic 12-12-12 Approved, Spike-Back. It was more than ten years later when the Fort Detrick witness remembered the wording Majestic 12 when the 1984 documents became public.
It is noteworthy that, although polio cases have occurred in the past, that in the 1940s and 1950s, towards the beginning of the massive numbers of UFO reports, the incidence of cases of polio were systematically studied by the Air Force to assess the correlation with UFOs both in location and timing. The report did NOT conclude with a clear statistical statement, leaving open this issue. In the meantime, the World Health Organization and Rotary International have successfully implemented a vaccination program that has essentially eliminated this epidemic. I am not aware of any claims backed up with data that would support evidence of a specific epidemic, other than the deaths of the Mexicans in the Chihuahua Mexico crash case of August 1974.

8. Would you share a crashed UFO story from your book that you are very intrigued by?

I like the Kingman, Arizona 1953 retrieval story for various reasons: there were multiple witnesses, there were live aliens present, and they seemed to be cooperative, suggesting that they were “helping us.” Also, the stories come from multiple sources, one of whom was on the recovery team. The aliens were consistent with EBE 1 described in the Special Operations Manual. I think it is possible that this is one of the first failed flights of one of “their” craft, based on other witness reports. Those who entered the craft became ill, possibly with a virus, although there is no report that they died, they seemed to be unable to remember what they saw inside the craft. These multiple aspects make Kingman one of the most interesting to me. Furthermore, it has been reported that the fiction book by Whitley Strieber, Majestic, is actually an accurate summary of what appears to have happened. I can’t find my copy of this book right now to confirm that.

9. What about the AIDS / Cattle Mutilation connection, would you go into this with us?

Pathogens, or substances that cause one to become ill, can be loosely classified by size as fungi (largest), bacteria, viruses, and prions. Examples of the ailments caused might be (in order) athlete’s foot or yeast infections, tuberculosis or syphilis, smallpox or Ebola, and mad cow disease.
HIV, or the human immune deficiency virus, is responsible for AIDS. There is an issue of whether the HIV could have been intentionally created by the BW folks or by aliens as distinguished from being a natural evolution from the monkey viruses. This debate itself if very complex.
Cattle mutilation, or the systematic removal of specific parts and blood from cattle and occasionally other animals, has been associated with the presence of both UFOs and with unmarked helicopters. One issue is whether is it our personnel who are doing this or the aliens or both. Another is whether they are doing it to prevent or monitor the spread or mad cow disease or for alien food. These debates are also very complex.
The conclusion is that very little has been ruled out, and it is important to listen to the evidence supporting the subtleties of all of the interrelated hypotheses. What I can state with reasonable confidence is (1) the mutilation of cattle is real and is accomplished with advanced technology; (2) the Government has gone to extreme measures to keep the extent of the activity and their own investigations from the public; (3) there are a number of reports that some aliens do require the ingredients of blood as food.

10. This is a wild card question. What from the book would you like to share with us that our readers might find fascinating?

One of the most important aspects of researching leaked UFO documents is the numerous examples before the Roswell crash, starting with the “Battle of LA” documents in early 1942 up to those of June 1947. You can read about these starting on page 50 of the book. For example, a 1944 memo from FDR deals with “non-terrestrial science and technology” although it does not specifically mention viruses. The reason this is so critical is twofold: (1) it clarifies the extreme state of readiness planning for crash recoveries at the time of the Roswell and subsequent “crashes”; and (2) it gave us a much earlier start on reverse-engineering the craft and the technology.

11. What are you up to next-book-wise and or projects-wise. Also, any links you'd like to share or a contact email? Thanks for this interview.

I have two projects in mind at this time. The first is to accumulate the hints from the Cape Girardeau 1941 recovery and those of the Battle of LA to show that it is impressively credible to state there is good evidence that Purdue University Physics Department, under a classified contract, was so deeply involved in the electrical properties of germanium and silicon that they were actually the ones who discovered the technology that led to the transistor in 1945. Bell Laboratories’ Bill Shockley led the group that resulted in practical manufacturing, and was an attendee of the Purdue contract work. I would like to be able to prove this claim beyond a shadow of a doubt.
The second project would be to use the latest techniques of forensic linguistics to authenticate the identity of the writers of some of the “leaked” documents that have been questioned, and show that the majority of them are essentially genuine, as distinguished from psychological warfare products. This project would inevitably come to grips with the degree and processes used in the past and today to suppress genuine information on UFOs, alien visitors, and reverse-engineered craft flying today.

To order this book, just Google “Alien Viruses” and it is the first item to come up.

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