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Dr. Robert Blitt kicks off The UT Jewish Faculty Lecture Series

Robert C. Blitt, Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee
Robert C. Blitt, Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee

Dr. Robert C. Blitt will be kicking off this four month lecture series on Monday, January 25th at the AJCC (Arnstein Jewish Community Center), 6800 Deane Hill Drive here in Knoxville.  His lecture is entitled “The Migration of Anti-Constitutional Ideas: The Bottom Up Journey of Defamation of Religion from Muslim States to the United Nations" and will run 7:30 to 8:30 pm.  This talk promises to be important, informative and culturally relevant.  Listening to Dr. Blitt speak will expand your understanding and awareness of, among other things, how anti-constitutional ideas grow and move state to state.

Robert Blitt graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mcgill University and went on to get his M.A., J.D., and LL.M. from the University of Toronto.  He lived and worked in the middle east for over five years and is now a distinguished professor of Law at UT.  He is also a board member of UT's brand new Center for the Study of Social Justice and he is an advisory committee member for the university's Judaic Studies program (Read Dr. Blitt's full bio here).

This lecture series is important for Knoxville's culture in general, but is also another way for Knoxville's Jewish community to contribute, as it often does, to the education system and overal cultural fabric of Knoxville.  The entire Jewish population in Knoxville is smaller than a few single church congregations here and its significance within the community can sometimes be lost.

Come see Dr. Robert Blitt's lecture, I guarantee you will leave with your interest sparked and wind up at the next lecture on Monday, February 22nd by Dr. Marco diGiulio (the lectures will be the fourth Monday of every month from now through April at the AJCC on Dean Hill Drive.)  For more information, check out the KJA's web page on the lecture series here.