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Dr. Renee’ Sunday Puts New Meaning to Versatility One Piece at A Time

Calling Doc Renee; Sunday; Renee' Sunday, M.D.
Calling Doc Renee; Sunday; Renee' Sunday, M.D.
Courtesy: Renee' Sunday, M.D., Good Deeds Live, Sunday Petz, Sunday Publsihing Co.

Who is Renee’ Sunday, M.D.? How can we appreciate a word like “Grief”, no matter what context it’s used in? Good questions and now we’ll demonstrate why “Calling Dr. Sunday, M.D.”, “Good Deed Live”, “Get Purpose Now” and of course “Sunday Grief, M.D.” with or without the “Sunday Petz” Magazine Project can be untapped sources of family or individual strength.

The source of it all is Renee; Sunday, M.D. “Yes, she is really a highly trained, licensed bonded Medical Doctor first, who successfully took that practice to one off the highest levels of professional diversity. Her specialty is Anesthesiology. Due to corporate downsizing, unexpected cut backs and cuts in general, Dr. Sunday found herself in what proved to be a temporary quagmire, having to re-invent herself to survive going form six figures to practically “no figures” of income.

Out of it all she and her various LLC covered entities, rose like a Phoenix out of the charred ashes of life just showing up and doing what it sometimes does. “Doc Sunday” is no one’s victim and stresses without doubt on a regular basis that “everyone has a purpose”, no life or station in life is to be the end road judge of what defines you.

Having dealt with personal grief and no doubt always being a listening ear to the patients God placed on her operating table, Renee’ Sunday found new ways to help individuals channel their grief. Dealing with the loss of a loved one friend, any human being or their pet, is never to be taken lightly.

Pets are members of the family too and whereas some place the importance of their pet in a higher bracket than others values theirs, the loss of a beloved pet can be just as, or more devastating. One of her specialties is Grief Counseling; seminars, Books and the launch of “Sunday Petz Magazine.”

“Thrive in 365” is not a Renee’ Sunday, M.D. motto is a movement which has taken on a life of its own to empower individuals, families and any corporate or non-profit interested. Don’t be surprised, Dr. Sunday may be found in a myriad vineyards. Be it interviewing guests, being interviewed, breaking bread, sharing the word or exchanging great ideas in general- “anywhere!”

Indeed Rene’ Sunday, M.D. (affectionately deemed “Doc Sunday” on occasion) is a vested example of reinvented yourself by using what you have to work with. How to make something out of practically nothing, leading by example by unconditionally sharing the wealth of knowledge, resources and information with others for the greater good. For more information about Renee’ Sunday, M.D. and “all things Doc Sunday” can be found on most Social Media and via the websites and contact information shared below,

Interested in submitting an article about your loving pet? Send to

Contacts: (Twitter) reneesunday 1

You Tube: (Renee Sunday, M. D) . Good Deed Live

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