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Dr. Rad visits southeast Georgia's Liberty County, attends meet and greet

Branko Radulovacki visited Liberty County on Thursday, March 6.
Branko Radulovacki visited Liberty County on Thursday, March 6.

On Thursday, March 6, Branko Radulovacki -- otherwise known as Dr. Rad-- visited southeast Georgia's Liberty County--home of Fort Stewart-- and the city of Hinesville.

Dr. Rad participated in a meet and greet event with local Democrats which was sponsored by the Young Democrats of Liberty County in the city of Hinesville.

Liberty County is one of Georgia's most progressive counties and has been reliably 'blue' in recent elections and has supported Demcorats such as former President Bill Clinton and current President Barack Obama along with Governor Roy Barnes and former U.S. Senator Max Cleleand.

In a primary featuring multiple Democratic candidates, counties such as Liberty could make the difference. The southeast Georgia county has approximately 24,000 registered voters with Hinesville being the county's largest population center.

Radulovacki had officially qualified as a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat on Monday, March 3 and is one of four Democrats who have officially qualified along with six Republicans. Qualifying ends on Friday, March 7 in the Peach State.

The Atlanta-area psychiatrist has been very active in getting to know Georgians and has visited cities such as Macon, Augusta, Valdosta and participated in numerous Atlanta-area events such as Moral Mondays.

Radulovacki or Dr. Rad may have not received a lot of national attention from the media, but he has been a consistently strong advocate and hasn't been hesitant in talking with a wade array of people with different philosophies in an effort to find common ground.

What is Moral Mondays? It is a statewide coalition fighting for legislation and policies that work for everyday Georgians. The mission statement describes Moral Monday Georgia as a multiracial, multi-issue coalition of citizens working for positive change for the public good.

We call upon Georgia to stop the war on the poor and working people by accepting federal funding for Medicaid expansion that will provide health insurance for an additional 650,000 Georgians. Access to high-quality health care is a right of all people and should be provided equitably as a public service. Georgia can make good progress in this regard by fully implementing the Affordable Care Act in Georgia.

Radulovacki, 50, first announced his intent to run for Chambliss' seat in June 2013 and one of his campaign solgans is that 'Georgia needs a doctor'.

On his website, Dr. Rad had said the following about what is needed to solve the nation's problems.

"The solution requires our elected leaders to work together with a greater sense of urgency and determination. Our nation and its citizens need jobs, healthcare and a thriving economy in which to succeed -- now."

Chambliss, a Republican, who defeated Democrat Max Cleland in 2002, has been mostly an obstructionist during his tenure as an U.S. Senator and repeatedly sided with fellow Republicans in their opposition to universal health care and access.

Radulovacki admits President Obama has a tough job in dealing with Senate Republicans who are in the minority , but conservatives have skillfully used the filibuster and the threat of a filibuster to block legislation in regard to issues such as health care, immigration reform and common sense gun control.

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