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Dr. Phil shows women how to finger a cheater

According to a recent interview with Dr. Phil, you can tell if a man is likely to cheat based on the length of his finger. More specifically (and perhaps ironically), he says you can tell by the length of his ring finger!

Dr. Phil explained on The Early Show that men who have a ring finger longer than their index finger may be likely to cheat. Apparently, the longer ring finger is a sign of exposure to high levels of testosterone while in the uterus - and it is an indicator of the "infidelity gene."

So now that this information is out there, I wonder if it's actually going to affect anything in the Boston dating realm? Here are some questions that immediately come to mind:

  • When a man hits on a woman at Whiskey Park, will she size up his fingers before she gives him her number?
  • If a woman is already dating a man she really likes and notices that he has a longer index finger, will it be a deal breaker?
  • If it's not a deal breaker and he starts acting suspicious later in the relationship, is it going to cause her to jump to conclusions (more quickly than she would in any other relationship)?
  • And if this man does end up cheating on her, does it mean that she'll never date a man with a longer ring finger again?

Something tells me that this won't really change anything in the dating sphere. Within a few days, something else will make the news and all my single ladies will forget about this little tidbit. And I hope they do. I don't think it's fair to judge a man simply based upon the testosterone levels he was unwillingly exposed to while in utero.

And it seems as if Dr. Phil agrees because, as he says, "You still have the ability to choose not to do these things."

What do you think? Is this information going to change the way you date?


  • mog 5 years ago

    odd, my ring finger is longer than my index and i've never cheated on my wife of 15 years. i wonder how long this "duckter whasisface" finger compares. sounds like he's pulling this out of his...

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