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Dr. Paul Lam’s workshops in St. Louis

Dr. Paul Lam (Center Front Row) with students in a previous workshop
Dr. Paul Lam (Center Front Row) with students in a previous workshop
Tai Chi for Health Institute

It is a rare opportunity that internationally renowned Tai Chi (Taiji) Master Dr. Paul Lam is hosting weeklong workshops in June in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Paul Lam, a family physician in Sydney, Australia, has taught Tai Chi since 1976. He has participated and published in peer-reviewed journals research projects relating to Tai Chi for health improvement. Based on Tai Chi principles, Dr. Lam has composed several Tai Chi routines or forms for health programs that are supported by Arthritis foundations of Australia, America and UK. Dr. Lam has written four books: Overcoming Arthritis, Tai Chi for Beginners, Tai Chi for Diabetes, and Teaching Tai Chi Effectively and produced six instructional Tai Chi DVDs. But the St. Louis workshops sponsored by Tai Chi for Health Institute will be teaching standard forms or non-traditional Tai Chi styles sanctioned by Chinese government. Dr. Lam and his senior instructors Ralph Dehner, Caroline Demoise, IIeina Ferrier, Dan Jones, Marty Kidder, Pat Lawson, Robin Malby, Jef Morris, Bill Pickett, Shelia Rae, Susan Scheuer, Jim Starshak, Mearl Thompson, and Sandi Wicher will teach these workshops, which include a dozen of topics/forms as the following:

  1. “The standard 24 Form”
  2. “Exploring the depth of the 24 Form” with a pre-requisite of the 24 Form.
  3. “Introduction to Sun Style 73 Form” with a pre-requisite of “Tai Chi for Arthritis” and “Tai Chi for Arthritis Part II”.
  4. “Enhancing Sun Style 73 Form” with a pre-requisite of the 73 Form.
  5. “Exploring the depth of Sun Style 73 Form” with a pre-requisite of the enhanced 73 Form.
  6. “Exploring the depth of Yang Style 40 Form” with a pre-requisite of the “Yang Style 40 Form”.
  7. “The combined 42 Form” (Containing the characteristics of Yang, Chen, Wu and Sun styles)
  8. “Tai Chi Fan” (based on Yang style)
  9. “Push Hands”
  10. “Chen Style 36 Form” (created by Professor Kan Gui Xiang)
  11. “Exploring the depth of 36 Form” with a pre-requisite of the “Chen Style 36 Form”.
  12. “Chen Style 56 Form” with a pre-requisite of the 36 Form and is suitable for advanced practitioners.

Due to the complexity of these forms, attendees are advised to take only one workshop. Besides workshops in daytime, there are seminars in the evening that include “Understanding intention in Push Hands”, “Bon Kyu”, “Radiant Lotus Qigong”, “The depth of Sun Style Forms”, and Update of “Tai Chi for Health Programs”. The weeklong event will be hosted at the beautiful campus of Washington University with lodging provided. For more details, visit the Tai Chi for Health Institute’s website Also for other Dr. Lam’s worldwide workshop schedule, you can click a link here.

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