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Dr. Parker's holistic approach to ear, nose, and throat medicine

This is part one of a four part interview series with Dr. Andrew J. Parker that will discuss holistic oriented treatments for ear, nose, and throat maladies.

Rebecca Hayward (RH): Dr. Parker, would you call your practice a form of functional medicine that looks at the whole person as part of the treatment?

Dr. Andrew J. Parker (Dr. P): Absolutely. Looking at the patient as a whole, rather than a collection of organ systems, will not only assist in making the proper diagnosis, but will ensure that the treatment plan developed is one that fits with the patient’s goals and lifestyle


As an ear, nose and throat specialist, I am used to looking at the relationships that exist between these organ systems. They are so closely intertwined, that a process affecting one, frequently will have manifestations on the other two, so determining which the primary source of the problem is is key.
Sometimes, after going over a plan with someone, I may get the feeling that while they are nodding and listening, ultimately they may not carry out the treatments prescribed.

Rather than taking a “wait and see approach” I ask them “is this a plan that you see yourself following?” Depending on their answer I either proceed or design a different plan of action that they feel comfortable with.

This process generates a high rate of success and satisfaction among my patients.

RH: What are some of the most common areas where you apply more ‘natural’ solutions to a patient?

Dr. P: I try to offer natural alternatives whenever possible. These types of treatments are particularly effective for sinus, reflux, balance and vertigo issues.

Please look for future links to this article where we will discuss in detail Dr. Parker’s remedies for sinus, reflux, balance and vertigo. And if you have a specific topic you would our 'top doc' to cover please email me at

Contact Dr. Parker at:

Parker Ear, Nose and Throat of Fairfield County
148 East Avenue, Suite 2-I
Norwalk, CT 06851

Phone (203) EAR-NOSE
(203) 866-8121

Fax (203) 866-4193




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