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Dr. Oz: Weight loss anti-aging diet; Jennifer Lopez's trainer talks flat ab tips

Get weight loss tips from J Lo's trainer.
Get weight loss tips from J Lo's trainer.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

In recent years, diet experts have touted fish as one of the best brain-boosting and metabolism-enhancing weight loss foods. But if you order fish in a restaurant, be careful, warned Dr. Mehmet Oz on his Sept. 1 talk show. Plus: Jennifer Lopez's celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson reveals her top toning tips.

You might think that you're being virtuous by choosing fish from that restaurant menu. But when fish isn't carefully refrigerated, it becomes dangerous to your health and can cause food poisoning. Ask about local fish or choose trout or snapper.

And trout offers more than a safe choice when you're dining out. Dr. Oz praises trout as an anti-aging diet food because it helps alleviate dry skin. Other anti-aging foods that can also boost weight loss because they are low in calories include tomatoes and guava fruit.

If you've set a goal of achieving flat abs, Tracy Anderson, who has authored weight loss books and fitness DVDs, knows what it takes. In addition to Jennifer Lopez, she's the celebrity trainer for stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow. Forget about endless crunches, says Tracy. Instead, do planks, which tone your tummy and strengthen your entire body. She also recommends cardio exercises to boost your weight loss.

Tracy views Jennifer and Gwyneth as role models for her clients. "They are women I believe my audience should look up to," she told Page Six on Sept. 1.

The two celebrities are successful in proving that women can have it all, added Tracy. "We need role models where women can be out on their own, they can be moms, they can have businesses and they can be sexy."

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