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Dr. Oz: Use hulled barley as appetite suppressant and green tea for weight loss

Can tea help your weight loss?
Can tea help your weight loss?
Photo by Mireya Acierto

Ready to take your diet to the next level? Dr. Mehmet Oz wants to help. On his Friday show, he unveiled a new natural appetite suppressant and revealed how green tea can boost your weight loss.

The problem with many appetite suppressants: Money. After being featured on Dr. Oz's show, product prices tend to rise. Now Dr. Oz is highlighting an inexpensive option: Hulled barley.

Dr. Oz describes hulled barley as "an all-natural appetite suppressant that can help curb cravings without leaving you wanting." A whole grain, it is minimally processed and higher in fiber than other grains.

Rich in resistant starch and fiber, hulled fiber fills you up and keeps you full between meals. In addition, it has anti-diabetes benefits, according to Dr. Oz. It also helps prevent weight gain.

Where to find: Check your grocery store, health food store and online. Look for brands without added sugar, such as Barry Farm Hulled Barley and Great River Organic Milling. Tip: Don't be deceived by brands that say "honey-coated for natural sweetening," because they contain additional calories and sugar.

How to use: Substitute one-half cup of hulled barley for starches such as pasta and potatoes. You can cook a large pot of it on the weekend, then heat during the week to save time.

On the same episode, Dr. Oz investigated common pitfalls that sabotage your diet. If you overeat when you feel stressed, Dr. Oz suggests green tea in place of coffee.

In addition to easing stress, green tea has been shown to promote weight loss. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea resulted in an average loss of 5.3 pounds in three months. Participants drank oolong tea with added green tea extract.

One of the biggest health traps that can derail your diet is sleep, according to Dr. Oz. He recommends setting and sticking to the same sleep schedule on weekends and during the week.

If you have insomnia or problems sleeping, Dr. Oz suggests lavender oil. It can also work for stress relief. Just sprinkle on your pillow or try a lavender aromatherapy candle.

Even Dr. Oz says that even he is not immune to the way that traps such as heavy traffic can result in anxiety and a jump in blood pressure. To alleviate that type of blood pressure spike, try listening to classical music during your commute.

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