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Dr. Oz: Use alkaline diet to detoxify, prevent diabetes and boost weight loss

Could your diet be causing a toxic overload in your body that causes weight gain and diabetes? Yes, warns Dr. Mehmet Oz. On his Jan. 13 talk show, Dr. Oz explained how an alkaline foods diet can help neutralize toxic acid, prevent diabetes and boost weight loss.

Choose green veggies like celery to detoxify your body.
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Meat, refined carbohydrates and dairy predominate in most of our diets in this nation, says Dr. Oz. Those foods increase the acidity of your blood. And that's a problem, because studies indicate consuming too many acid-promoting foods can harm your liver and kidney, cause weight gain and even increase your risk for diabetes.

So what's the solution? Neutralize toxic acid by choosing a diet rich in foods that promote an alkaline body environment. Dr. Oz's expert on this type of diet: Registered dietician Ashley Koff, author of "Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged" (click for details).

Ashley has designed a diet that features alkaline-promoting foods. It's designed to neutralize the potentially toxic acids that result from an overload of meat, carbohydrates and dairy. She recommends eating two alkaline-promoting foods for every one acid-promoting food. Here's a sample 2-to-1 meal plan:

  • Breakfast: Eggs (acid-promoting) scrambled with spinach (alkaline) served with half a grapefruit (alkaline).
  • Lunch: Salad greens (alkaline) served with slices of roasted turkey meat (acid-promoting) dressed with a chunky, homemade avocado-lemon dressing (alkaline).
  • Dinner: Salmon patty (alkaline) on half a whole-wheat bun (acid-promoting) served with stir-fried veggies (alkaline).

Tip: Did you know about the celebrity connection? Stars such as Victoria Beckham also follow the alkaline diet: Find out about the "Honestly Healthy" alkaline weight loss plan that they follow by clicking here.

When you go shopping for foods, emphasize alkaline foods such as these. They can neutralize toxic acid while helping you win at weight loss:

  • Green vegetables, such as parsley and celery
  • Gluten-free grains such as quinoa
  • Fruits such as papaya that are tropical
  • Citrus like limes
  • Spices such as ginger and cinnamon: You can also sip cinnamon tea, such as Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice.
  • Proteins such as salmon that are lower in acid
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