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Dr. Oz unveils new natural appetite suppressant for fast weight loss: Barley

Dr. Oz says barley is a natural appetite suppressant.
Dr. Oz says barley is a natural appetite suppressant.
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Dr. Mehmet Oz has declared war on fat in February. First he revealed his two-week rapid weight loss diet - and now Dr. Oz says that he's found the perfect diet supplement to accompany it. On his Feb. 14 talk show, Dr. Oz unveiled the newest, all-natural appetite suppressant for fast weight loss: Barley. Plus: Discover which health traps to avoid, and learn how to stop sabotaging your own diet success.

Hulled barley acts as a safe, effective appetite suppressant, according to Dr. Oz. High in fiber, it requires your body to take extra time to digest food. The result: You'll stay full throughout the day while controlling your blood sugar.

Because the resistant starch and fiber in hulled barley are not fully digested, Dr. Oz says that they can also help your stool pass more easily and can even reduce your risk of diabetes as well as obesity.

Describing hulled barley as a "skinny sponge," Dr. Oz suggests substituting it for starchy foods such as pasta and rice. Enjoy one-half cup at your meals to reduce hunger and boost weight loss.

Where to find: Check health food stores or online, such as Arrowhead Mills Pearled Barley or Great River Organic Milling Whole Grains Hulled Barley.

Some examples of how to incorporate it: A hulled barley breakfast bowl, hulled barley vegetable soup, hulled barley shrimp salad or hulled barley veggie salad.

Tip: To save time and avoid excuses, prepare a large pot on the weekend. Then you can just heat and serve throughout the week.

In addition to boosting your weight loss, Dr. Oz says hulled barley can:

  • Reduce cholesterol.
  • Lower heart disease risk.
  • Provide you with healthy doses of protein, iron and calcium.

In addition, Dr. Oz revealed how you can stay on track for weight loss by avoiding the trap of self-sabotage when it comes to diets. Some common diet sabotages:

  • Frozen diet meals: Think you're tracking calories more successfully by using nutritionally labeled frozen dinners? Wrong. Because of the FDA's regulations, frozen meals can actually contain as much as 20 percent more calories than on the label, warns Dr. Oz. The result: You can go over your calorie allowance and gain weight without knowing why.
  • Coffee: Many of us deal with stress by gulping down coffee. But that "solution" backfires, because the caffeine actually increases your stress. Dr. Oz recommends swapping out the coffee for green tea.

Health traps can catch you unaware, says Dr. Oz. And one of the most common problems: Anxiety and stress. For example, if you commute frequently to work or playing chauffeur to your kids, sitting in traffic or trying to stay on time can make your blood pressure soar or even lead to headaches.

To conquer anxiety and stress, Dr. Oz suggests these tips:

  • Use lavender or peppermint aromatherapy.
  • Listen to classical music.
  • Nosh on oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Limit coffee to one cup in the morning.
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