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Dr. Oz triples weight loss with fat-melting diet and calorie-burning supplement

Whittle your waistline with Dr. Oz's new diet.
Whittle your waistline with Dr. Oz's new diet.
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Can the right foods and supplement actually triple your body's ability to burn fat? On his Feb. 10 talk show, Dr. Mehmet Oz detailed the ground-breaking diet he's developed to accelerate fat loss. Plus: Discover the fat-blasting supplement that Dr. Oz tested himself and find out which three bonus foods can help you burn fat and calories even faster.

Dr. Oz conducted a test on audience members of a new supplement called Meratrim. It's designed to block the storage of fat while burning more fat and calories. The participants who tried it followed these guidelines:

  • Walk 30 minutes daily.
  • Take 400 mg of Meratrim before breakfast and 400 mg of Meratrim before dinner.
  • Limit your total calories to 2,000 per day.

On average, the women who used it lost three pounds and three inches. Where to find: It's sold in health food stores and also online. Dr. Oz emphasizes to look for a brand that is pure Meratrim, such as ReBody - Meratrim. However, some products are available with added fat burners, such as Weight-Loss with Meratrim and BioGenetic Laboratories MeraTrim Platinum plus with L-Carnitine and Green Slimming Tea. It's also one of the ingredients in Douglas Labs - Metabolic Lean (click for details).

Note: A recent independent study evaluated Meratrim: Get the details by clicking here.

In addition to using Meratrim, Dr. Oz recommends consuming one spoonful of pomegranate vinegar after each meal. The reason: Vinegar halts blood sugar spikes that cause your body to store fat.

To boost your fat loss even more, Dr. Oz suggests eliminating simple carbohydrates and doubling your protein at your meals. Examples of protein-rich meals:

  • Eggs and yogurt for breakfast.
  • Turkey and soy at lunch.
  • Cheese and a turkey burger at dinner (no bun, no fries).

Dr. Oz also unveiled three bonus foods to burn fat and calories even more rapidly:

  • Halt fat while boosting your weight loss by using cashews sprinkled with curry powder for a snack.
  • Aleppo spice has capsaicin, clinically shown to boost fat-burning. Sprinkle over vegetables or salads.
  • Gluten-free kelp noodles have only six calories per serving. Use to replace regular pasta. You can find them in health food stores or online, such as Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles.

As for beverages, Dr. Oz suggests trying coconut water. It reduces blood pressure, increases your energy and burns more calories by rebuilding lean muscle. Look for one without added sugars that has a maximum of 50 calories per serving, such as Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water.

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